Andlit Lyganna, "Paladin of Lathander": Andlit Lyganna seeks to be the iconic goodly hero. Wielding sword, magic, and a silver-tongue, he tries to be the charismatic protector of the people that all heroes strive to be. In the name of Lathander, he stands (sometimes bravely) between evil and innocence for god and glory. He seeks to do great deeds to inspire bards and win the admiration of the people. And riches. And fame. And did he mention the love of the people yet? Yeah, that too. Especially that. People better recognize his awesome heroics. Because what's the use of being a hero if nobody sees you do it?

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Dain Bigtoe, Bear Totem Barbarian: Dain is from the Greypeak Mountains and he originally made a name for himself by defeating a small pack of worgs that were troubling a small village. Defeating the worgs earned Dain a folk hero status and he has since set out to continue helping others across Faerun.

Sadly, Dain recently had a bit of bad luck with a Deck of Many Things and his soul has been sucked out of his body and is now trapped in an inanimate object somewhere in Faerun, leaving his body comatose and in the care of a Temple of Lathander. His compatriots have pledged to find that object, eventually.


Morb, Horizon Walker Ranger: Morb is a goblin, but very... different. He speaks plainly, wears clean clothes, has a well-kempt beard, and seems to play by his own rules. If you're around him long enough, he will tell you of his love of spicy food, the game Booyahg, and his homeland, Vasshak. Vasshak is a land that Morb claims is run by goblins, while humans live like savages in the wild, but he can't tell you how to get there. He's still trying to find his way back. When Morb's not stepping off into different planes of existence, he's fond of using a blade, whip, and crossbow if trouble shows up and despite the gruff exterior, he seems to have a soft spot for charming folk of this realm.


Quentin Coldwater, College of Lore Bard: Quentin has problems...he drinks too much and he likes to gamble. He used to be a well-known Bard, traveling Faerun, learning secrets, making friends, drinking wine. However, as time passed he grew bored of that and settled in Waterdeep. Gambling, and wondering where all his fans went.

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Ranala, Arcane Trickster Rogue: Ranala's homeland is a damp forest in the Eastern realm and she was raised me to be a (mostly) good individual. As she grew up, her father told bits and pieces about how my mother died. When she turned 40, he told her about the raid that came through town and took her mother’s life. Since that time she has been focused on seeking revenge for her mother and her townspeople.

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Stone Bight, Inquisitive Rogue: A tabaxi, Stone was gifted with curiosity by the Cat Lord and compelled to wander seeking stories, artifacts, and lore which he keeps in a folio. Stone did not intend on following a roguish path but found it to be the best way to gather tales to take back to his clan.


Vienna Bigtoe, Eldritch Knight Fighter: Vienna the "monotaur" is the result of a love affair between a minotaur and a human wizard mother, and her short life has been one of immediate violence followed by the loving administrations of Dain, who she considers to be her dad. In her first tenday of life she aged from a baby to the equivalent of 15 years of age, though that seems to have slowed down now. After hearing about how Dain's soul has been sucked out and is now imprisoned in an inanimate object somewhere in the world, Vienna has pledged herself to Bugbear Jamboree and looks forward to adventuring with attitude, though she does frequently inform party members that "you're not my real mom/dad!"