The Origin

During your travels you heard word of a sizable reward being offered by the ruler of Loudwater for assisting with a mystery that the town’s guards had been unable to solve. A number of visitors staying at the Southern Path Inn had disappeared over a period of 2 months, and in every case they were in their rooms and their doors were locked from the inside when they disappeared. After arriving and finding yourselves with a common goal, you banded together to solve the mystery and split the reward. The experience was harrowing and dangerous and involved a mimic disguised as a chamberpot and a whole bunch of feces. Yet, despite all odds, you were victorious and Loudwater’s ruler was satisfied and the citizens were relieved.

In celebration of your victory you decided to go to the local tavern and have a few drinks…which led to a few more, and a few more, and so on, until your evening devolved into drunken song, cavorting, and a vaguely remembered cart ride out to a pop-up tavern in the nearby forest…a tavern run, and primarily frequented by, bugbears. From this point you just recall some drinks and a rowdy bugbear band and much of the rest is a blank. The next afternoon you awoke in a hung-over stupor covered in blood (and other fluids) and to some small fame and notoriety as an adventuring group. Bugbear Jamboree was born…most of you hate that name (and may be pushing to have your group called something else), but branding is branding and that’s what the market created.

The Situation

You are a group of professional adventurers bound together by common financial goals as well as interpersonal relationships. All loot is divided equally with an extra share set aside for the group's holdings, which is used for group purchases and the like. All adventuring decisions require a majority vote. Your base of operations is located in a suite of rooms on the second floor of the Yawning Portal Inn, which is also where you have your lodgings. Possible missions primarily come through Durnan, the proprietor of the inn and your main contact and agent for intel, as well as through visitors to the inn. Emil Toranescu works as a bartender and is also a source of information.

You will be adventuring across the width and breadth of Faerun, from the frozen North to the jungles of Chult and perhaps even across the Endless Wastes. You may each have your own motivations for why you do what you do, but regardless you are bound to one another and know that you must always consider the needs of the group in addition to your own needs.